Pittsburgh Web Design Articles

Flex and AIR Applications:
"With the introduction of Flex and AIR websites and web applications alike can start to see an increase in design, ability, functionality and more. I image it will take some time but with these new programs I can see many website applications begin totally run without a browser... You have a shortcut icon on your desktop and you just click it to open some web app that communicaties to a database online and zoom you are getting your user info for some website. The possiablities are endless with these 2 applications. These 2 are a dream that webmasters could only image back in the 90's."
Swish Flash VS Adobe Flash:
"When designing a flash website or application or for what ever most web designers do straight to Adobe Flash programs. Although it may be unaware to them that other quality Flash programs exist. Swish Flash is a great flash application if you are on a budget. This program cost much less then the Adobe version yet still features many of the same things. In fact I believe Swish was one of the first flash applications to have what you call in Adobe "action script". Also Swish provides a much larger grab bag of options when it comes to timeline animations you can add to your flash movie. Thus when comparring the two programs I choice the Swish - for at the time it was actually a better program. Although now that the mainstream is working with Adobe and with the new release of Flex and AIR it would be wise to pay out the dough to get the Adobe Flash. You should trial each program first and determine what you think is the best."